Shambhala Meditation First Wednesday Night and Third Sunday Afternoon of the Month

October 3rd—December 16th (2018)

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  • $10- 15 Full Price
  • $8-10 Concession Rate

Join us for Shambhala Meditation and teaching on the first Wednesday night and the third Sunday afternnon of each month from February. The dates and times are:


-  Wednesday, 7-9pm, October 3rd,  

-  Sunday, 2-5pm, October 21st


- Wednesday, 7-9pm, November 7th

-  Sunday, 2-5pm, November 18th


- Wednesday, 7-9pm, December 5th

- Sunday 2-5pm, December 16th.

The fees for Wednesdays are $10 full price; $8 concession.

The fees for Sunday are $15 full price; $10 concession.

One to one meditation instruction will be available.

Our venue is the Eco-House at Ceres in Brunswick. You can find the Eco-House at the end of Lee Street, Brunswick.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Herd on [email protected] or 0457 056 601.