2023 Second Sunday Afternoon Open House Meditation

February 12th—December 10th

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  • $15 Full Price
  • $12 Concession Rate

Every second Sunday afternoon of the month, we gather at our lovely venue at the Learning Centre at Ceres in Brunswick for an afternoon of sitting and walking meditation, social chat over a cuppa and reading and discussion.

We will be dipping into a dharma text for readings and open discussion, where questions and wisdom are shared between all participants.

Our dates are: 12 February; 12 March; (no event in April); 14 May; 11 June; 9 July; 13 August; 3 September (the first Sunday for this month only); 8 October; 12 November; and 10 December. The sessions run from 2.30-5.30pm.

Newcomers to meditation are welcome and initial meditation instruction is available.

We follow current Covid protocols. Generally, people with Covid-symptoms are requested to not attend our events.

Our address is the Learning Centre, Ceres, at the end of Lee Street, Brunswick: through the metal bollards and its the second building on your right. There is a maze garden in front of the Learning Centre.

Fees for each class are $15 full price, and $12 concession; this helps us cover our rental costs. 

For further information and inquiries, please contact Jeff on [email protected] or on mobile 0457056601.